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Billie Eilish goes completely private – and talks about her breast problem

Billie Eilish jokes about the difficulties that come with her bust size. Image: Screenshot / Instagram / billieeilish

Singer Billie Eilish on problems with her breasts: “Just calm down!”

Billie Eilish gives her fans a private insight – and explains what she has to criticize about her breasts. At the age of just 19, the singer has achieved almost everything that can be achieved in the international music business: She can call her own seven Grammy Awards, and many other trophies and chart records also adorn her career. She is also the youngest performer ever to sing a “James Bond” movie song.

For a long time it was a trademark of the American woman that she completely hid her body from the public eye with particularly wide clothing. In May of this year, however, this phase of her career was finally over: Billie was self-confident on the cover of the American edition of Vogue in a corset and lingerie.

Even as an absolute mega-star with 90 million Instagram followers, she is still looking for personal contact with her fans, be it at concerts or via livestream on social media. On the net, she proves joke again and describes an annoying detail about her bust size to her community.

Her own breasts distract Billie in conversations

Billie speaks to her fans in her Instagram story, without make-up and in loose clothes. “Do you sometimes feel that when you have large breasts, you lie on your back, have a conversation and then this happens?”, describes the “Lost Cause” interpreter and then gestures with one hand.

As a result, her chest suddenly begins to bob. And that does not remain without consequences in conversation, as Billie continues: “Because I feel like that sometimes and then I forget what we were talking about. It just distracts me too much.”she complains. Finally, turning to her breasts, she demands:

Billie Eilish could do without bobbing her breasts while gesturing. Image: Screemshot / Instagram / billieeilish

Problems with your own body

In various interviews, Billie Eilish revealed that she was not necessarily happy with her body shape. In an interview with “The Guardian” a few weeks ago she said about her self-perception: “I mean, I’m very confident, I’m very happy with my life. I’m obviously not happy with my body, but who is it?”

Over time, she had to get used to distancing herself from her own ideas about the body. The baggy clothes that she always wore on stage because it was easier to move around in them would, in her opinion, sometimes look disadvantageous in photos and video recordings.

Billie Eilish at one of her appearances before the corona pandemic. Image: imago images / Tony King

Paparazzi photos of her surfaced that went viral and showed her in a tight tank top at this time when she was not yet revealing and had to break away from the “terrible connection” to her own body. “And then you look like you look and everyone just calls me ‘fat'”, she remembered and added:

“I mean, we just need our bodies to eat, to run around, and to poop. We only need them to survive. It’s ridiculous that anyone should care about bodies at all. Why do we care?”


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