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“Being James Bond” is free on Apple TV from September 7th

Now the 25th Bond is still in the cinemas. Apple allegedly tried to get streaming rights, but is now getting a 45-minute feature.

With a year and a half delay, the 25th Bond film “No Time To Die” will finally hit the cinemas on September 30th, in Great Britain and Germany, and the USA will join on October 8th. As an appetizer, MGM is releasing a 45-minute retrospective by and with Bond actor Daniel Craig about his 15 years as His Majesty’s secret agent, Deadline reports. From September 7th to October 7th, the documentary “Being James Bond” will be available as a free rental film on the Apple TV app. Apple allegedly tried to get the streaming rights last year after the premiere planned for spring 2020 had to be postponed again and again due to the pandemic. But unlike other movies that went straight to streaming in the past 18 months (such as Pixar’s “Luca” on Disney + or Tom Hanks’ “Greyhound” on Apple TV +), the Bond makers refused to publish the fifth and definitely last Bond- Film with Daniel Craig in the lead role, to be shown elsewhere than in a cinema.

The documentary should mainly revolve around the last few years since the restart with Daniel Craig as 007 that started with “Casino Royale”. In an interview with producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, Craig recalls the past 15 years: “A lot of people here have worked with me on five films. I loved every single second of these films, and especially this one because I have every one Got up tomorrow and had the chance to work with you guys and that was one of the greatest honors of my life. ”

Producers and actors look back with sadness

“Daniel brought the character, the series, the whole thing to a place that is so … extraordinary. And so emotionally satisfying,” said Barbara Broccoli, complimenting her lead actor, and Wilson adding, “It’s also emotionally tough that that it’s Daniel’s last film. It’s tough on Barbara, it’s tough on me “.

You can also see some previously unpublished scenes from the archive, recordings from the shooting and further glimpses behind the scenes. The makers of the documentary haven’t forgotten that the published opinion 15 years ago reviled Daniel Craig as the wrong actor for the legendary role. But only Sean Connery (6) and Roger Moore (7) gave 007 more often, the time between the first and the last appearance as Bond was never longer than with Daniel Craig (“Never say never” with Sean Connery from 1984 is no official Bond, just a remake of “Fireball”). Who will be Craig’s successor and for how long is still completely open.

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