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Armie Hammer withdraws from project with Julia Roberts

Armie Hammer (34) will probably not be seen on any screen for the time being. Violent allegations have been made against the actor in recent weeks: He is said to have abused a large number of women and disturbed them with cannibalistic fantasies. This had some consequences for the Gossip Girl actor – he has already canceled several film projects. Another role of Hammer has now been canceled!

Actually, the 34-year-old should be seen alongside Hollywood legends Julia Roberts (53) and Sean Penn (60) in “Gaslight” – the series will be about the Watergate scandal. After the cannibalism rumors emerged, the star had temporarily distanced himself from the project. Now it seems to have become official: Hammer will no longer be part of the project. According to the magazine The Hollywood Reporter the father of two is said to have given various “planning conflicts” as the reason for his final exit.

That wouldn’t have been the first time he’d been with Julia would have rotated. In 2012 they were seen together in the film “Mirror Mirror”. At that time he licked her neck while filming. In retrospect, in an interview with the OK magazine emphasizes that it was difficult for him not to drool with pleasure while doing this.

Julia Roberts, actress
Sean Penn, actor
Armie Hammer in February 2018

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