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Amanda Seyfried: Your ex is a convicted women strangler

Winning smile, cute eyes, messy hair. Emile Hirsch At first glance (30) looks like a man who could not harm a fly. But you shouldn’t be fooled by this impression. In numerous movies, the actor proved his Versatility, shone in “Into the wild“As a young man who radically says goodbye to life in civilization. And the youngster also lays in everyday life completely different behaviors to the day – but unfortunately not to his advantage.

Emile Hirsch was convicted for his strangulation attack

Review: Ten years ago stood Amanda Seyfried (29) and Emile Hirsch in Hollywood at the beginning of their careers. So it wasn’t very spectacular when they met on the set of the gangster thriller “Alpha Dog“, In which Bruce Willis (60) and Justin Timberlake (34) played the leading roles, got to know and love. Their relationship should last a year before the two young stars separated again. As noiseless as the end of love was back then, Emile Hirsch seems to be brutal with women nowadays.

During the Sundance Film Festival the actor showed his dark side when he went nuts at a premiere party at a Park City club. The victim was Daniele Bernfeld, Manager at Paramount subsidiary Insurge Pictures. When he was drunk, he took it poor woman in the stranglehold and dragged her across a table. Then he threw her to the ground. A violent attack that has now been punished.

The Park City court ordered Emile Hirsch 15th Days imprisonment. In addition, the actor has to pay a fine of $ 4,750 and work 50 hours for a public service. Even for his last faltering career, this judgment is unlikely to be beneficial. It is also questionable whether his ex Amanda Seyfried will ever be in front of the camera with him again.

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