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Willy’s Wonderland – Nicolas Cage meets killer animatronics in the trailer

To describe Nicolas Cage’s career as unpredictable would be an understatement. It has been changing for years Con Air– Actor apparently effortlessly between serious action star and willing trash victim in increasingly crazy roles – with often rather dubious results. But there are always smaller highlights among them – just like the very latest Willy’s Wonderland, a bizarre action-horror fireworks, the Splendid Film donated five different editions (Mediabook, Special Editions + regular DVD and Blu-ray Disc editions) on the occasion of the German home cinema premiere on May 28, 2021! And that has of course its reason.

Director Kevin Lewis (The drop) declares Nicolas Cage to be the silent caretaker who single-handedly rebels against an army of psychotic animatronics. Anyone who now fears that the 57-year-old could fall behind in the face of this superiority is wrong. Because it is not Cage who is in mortal danger here, but his robot colleagues! That potential Willy’s Wonderland– Buyers who see a blood-red FSK 18 seal on the cover seem to be screaming out: Here no eye stays dry and animatronic in one piece!

Like ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ – only faster

The plot at this point is of course a minor matter, but told in a few sentences: When Cage breaks down in the middle of nowhere after a car breakdown, the help of a friendly pickup, into whose workshop he is towed, comes in handy. To pay the debt, Cage hires and becomes a janitor at the local Willy’s Wonderland (a nightmarish take on Chuck E. Cheese) promptly assigned to the first night shift. Easy money?

Cage declares war on the animatronics! © Splendid

Not at all! Because at night the attractions that have gone crazy come to life and wreak havoc through the corridors and rooms. During the interview, the possessed attackers were of course not mentioned at all! But the involuntary scapegoat does not want to give up without a fight and sits at the side of Emily Tosta (Last Ship, Party of Five), Beth Grant (No Country For Old Men), Ric Reitz (resident) and Chris Warner (machete) to resist.

If this sounds suspiciously familiar, you have probably already heard of Scott Cawthon’s favorites Five Nights at Freddy’sVideo game series played. In the hit adventure game, gamers take on the role of a night watchman who hires Fazbear’s Pizza in the run-down family restaurant and promptly gets to know the nightmarish attractions – fluffy animatronics with a disturbing life of their own. A movie is in development for this, too, but it has been a long time coming Willy’s Wonderland in this case it was just faster.

Bad luck for the originator of the idea, luck for genre fans. Because from May 28th you can look over Cage’s shoulder on his latest detour into absurd film fields.

Willy’s Wonderland in the regular DVD and Mediabook version (below). © Splendid

Written on March 22nd, 2021 by Torsten Schrader

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