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Will Smith and Peter Thiel’s money is in this strange social app

Influencers can sell control of their lives through Newnew. (Photo:

What should i eat today? What do i wear Internet starlets can now have fans answer these questions – and earn money with it.

Services such as Substack, Patreon, Pearpop or Cameo offer social media known different ways to benefit from your own fan base apart from paid advertising content. The Newnew app is in the same vein, but promises fans much greater control over the social media stars they adore. The creators describe the concept as a kind of social exchange where fans can acquire the decision-making power of the participating social media celebrities for money.

On Newnew, for example, paying fans could be asked in the form of a survey what the person asking should eat. The fans can then vote on it. The voting process is based on the concept of the general meeting of a stock corporation. In other words: whoever has bought more shares, their vote counts accordingly more. In addition, fans can also make their own suggestions for activities and offer a sum of money in return. If the proposal is accepted, the money goes to the social media star.

In the long term, everyone should be able to sell control of their own life through Newnew

Currently, only select people can sell control of their lives on Newnew. The maker Courtne Smith wants to open the platform to everyone in the long term. “Sure, controlling a famous influencer or a celebrity is fun, but honestly, it’s just as fun to control someone you go to school with, or your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, or a writer who is next to him Sci-fi novel plans, or a beauty founder creating his next makeup palette, “Smith told the New York Times.

How many people really want to sell control of their private life in the end remains to be seen. After all, Newnew was able to convince a number of well-known investors of the idea. These include, for example, the well-known US venture capitalist Andreesen Horowitz, Peter Thiel and Hollywood star Will Smith, who despite having an identical surname is not related to the founder.

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