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Tom Cruise: His (so far) most dangerous stunts for Mission Impossible

Love him or hate him, Tom Cruise is one of the greatest action heroes in cinema. And he’s also one of the few who risk their lives and the filming by doing their own stunts to add more realism to the films. And that’s why nobody can avoid watching every one of his films, no matter how ridiculous they may seem (we speak of “The Mummy”).

Tom Cruise doesn’t shy away from putting his life in danger to make films. He’s created some of the action genre’s most memorable scenes in cinema, such as: E.g. when Ethan Hunt climbs a mountain without a safety rope or when he climbs one of the tallest buildings in the world with gloves and a rope. (Read also: Tom Cruise: Star lands with helicopter in the garden of an English family)

Christopher McQuarrie, who directed several films in the Mission Impossible saga, had the chance to see the actor give stuntmen a break to throw themselves off buildings, fly helicopters, and survive explosions and dangerous situations, each Escalate times when he decides to bring out a new sequel.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout has taken the box office by storm. Most critics agree that it is one of the best films in the series. Tom Cruise still has it, and while many of us felt he went overboard and should let the role rest, he proved us wrong with a fun, explosive, action-packed film in which he did a scene with one broken foot spun. And all of this is set to continue in the next film in the saga.

Cruise has done thousands of stunts for Mission Impossible, and the New York Times’s Ben Kenisberg sat down with the director to find out what the most dangerous things Cruise did as Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible action films.

These are the most dangerous stunts in the Mission Impossible films (and that Cruise did without stuntmen).

Mission Impossible 7

The new film in the saga includes a scene where Tom Cruise has to ride a motorcycle down a ramp, jump off a cliff and open a parachute in the air, which was so difficult the actor had to train for a whole year to do it.

The scene is said to be the most extreme the actor has ever shot. To prepare for this, he had to complete 500 parachute jumps and over 13,000 jumps on motocross ramps to be ready for the filming. And all for a scene that only lasts a few seconds.

The Rogue Nation underwater sequence

Tom Cruise had to film this sequence without oxygen and hold his breath for a long time to achieve the desired effect. Fortunately, he trained with an experienced diver who helped him not to panic underwater and to be able to hold his breath longer than normal people.

Motorbike chase in Fallout

This scene was one of the most explosive in the film and took the actor through the most difficult terrain on a motorcycle. The idea was to use seat belts to avoid accidents, but in the end the belts didn’t work and Cruise shot the scene with no protection.

The parachute jump in Fallout

Cruise, his stunt double, and a cameraman had to jump out of an airplane from a height of 25,000 feet (about 8,300 meters – just below normal flight altitude for passenger jets), which the director said was one of the toughest challenges as they had to film the entire action sequence before they got to the point where they had to parachute open to survive the fall.

Hanging from an airplane in Rogue Nation

Yes, Tom Cruise had to hang out of an airplane wearing only a seat belt that didn’t protect him from all the dangers of the scene. One wrong turn and the actor would have been shot out of thin air. But everything worked out wonderfully and we could see how he did something extraordinary in the film.

The helicopter chase in Fallout

There were several dangerous moments in Fallout, in one of which Cruise had to steer a helicopter through a very sensitive area. Since there was not enough time to prepare, he had to do this after only 3 months of training.

The article “Estos son los 6 stunts más peligrosos de Tom Cruise en Misión: Imposible” by Paloma González is originally on appeared.

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