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The Weeknd announces documentary about Super Bowl performance

The Super Bowl is the event of the year in the USA. On this day, over 92 million people watch the final of the National Football League there alone. The halftime show therefore offers one of the greatest appearances an artist can ever have. The appearances are spectacular and in retrospect generate several hundred million views on YouTube (Shakira and Jennifer Lopez currently have 213 million views). This year The Weeknd took the stage and was even nominated for an Emmy for the performance. The singer documented the work behind it with a film team.

The trailer for the documentary gives a brief glimpse into the difficulties the team had while working on the show. The documentation covers details about how such a huge show is created and what goes with it. It shows the elaborate planning phase and exclusive recordings of the dance rehearsals, but also the massive pressure that each individual feels.

Legends like Michael Jackson and The Rolling Stones were already on stage at the Super Bowl. Those 15 minutes have to blow the audience away to live up to previous legends. But despite months of work and $ 7 million in costs, anything could go wrong at any time – one wrong move and the show could flop.

The documentary is called “The Show” and is due to start on September 24th on Showtime in the USA.

The Weeknd made his film debut with the Adam Sandler film “The Black Diamond”, in which he played himself. The singer will soon be seen as the main actor and co-writer in the HBO series “The Idol”.



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