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The first trailer for “Cinderella” is here

Once upon a time … a young singer who, in addition to incredible musical talent, her hot star boyfriend Shawn Mendes and a wonderful curly mane, is not only successful with her song, but is now also becoming a princess!

Did you know that? This is how Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello met

Camila Cabello: Her first appearance as Cinderella

What we know in Germany as “Cinderella” is known worldwide as “Cinderella”, at least since the animated Disney film. A romantic fairy tale with a handsome prince and a perfectly fitting shoe – magical! And it is precisely this magic that can soon be admired in a new live-action version. After remake successes like “Aladdin” and “The Lion King”, which we searched for on streaming platforms like Disney + and Netflix, “Cinderella” also promises to be a very special film. Not least because of Camila herself, who will present her acting debut here with the lead role. Add a good dose of magic, beautiful costumes and songs with catchy tunes – the modern fairy tale is ready.

Cinderella: The first trailer is here

You can see the film, which by the way was produced by “Late Late Night Show” presenter and comedian James Corden, from September 3, exclusively on the Amazon Prime streaming platform. To shorten the waiting time, the long trailer for the film was finally released on August 3rd:

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