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“That day changed my life”

There are days that an actor will never forget: Anne Hathaway remembers a very special day that turned her whole life upside down.

There are moments in life that you never forget. Actress Anne Hathaway also has a day that she particularly fondly remembers: August 3, 2001. She explained the reason to the teleschau agency: “On that day, ‘Suddenly Princess’ was published.”

The actress had achieved her worldwide breakthrough with the role of shy Mia, who unexpectedly became Princess of the Kingdom of Genovia, alongside Julie Andrews (“Mary Poppins”). “That day changed my life. Every year on August 3rd, I send a big prayer of thanks to the universe,” said the now 36-year-old. “That day my dreams came true!”

Previously, Hathaway had starred in the television series “Six Under One Roof”. After “Suddenly Princess” all doors opened for the actress. Numerous other roles followed such as in “The Devil Wears Prada” with Meryl Streep, in “Interstellar” with George Clooney and in “Les Misérables”, for which she received an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award.

In 2004 the sequel “Suddenly Princess 2” was published, which was just as successful as its predecessor. So far, there is only one script for “Suddenly Princess 3”. On the talk show “Watch What Happens Live” Hathaway revealed that she, Julie Andrews and producer Debra Martin Chase want to make the film. “However, it has to be perfect because we love the series as much as you do. We don’t want to deliver anything until it’s finished. But we’re working on it.”

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