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“Stranger Things”, “The Witcher” and Co .: So much for the stars

Did you know how much series stars of “Stranger Things” and Co. really earn? We’ll tell you. “Variety” has now published which series stars deserve the most.

These series stars earn the most

Let’s start with “Stranger Things”. The series has been insanely successful since its launch on Netflix and is already cult. There are now three seasons. Actors like Winona Ryder or David Harbor get around $ 350,000 per episode, or 297,000 euros. With three seasons with up to nine episodes, a lot comes together.

Henry Cavill plays in another pretty successful Netflix series: “The Witcher”. So far there are eight episodes. With each episode, the actor earns $ 400,000, according to “Variety”, the equivalent of 339,000 euros.

Kate Winslet can look forward to an even higher fee. Not only did she write film history with “Titanic”, the Hollywood star also recently inspired a series. The HBO production “Mare of Easttown” caused quite a stir. For each of the seven episodes, Winslet received the equivalent of 551,000 euros.

The absolute top earners of the series stars and their unbelievable salaries you see in the video above.

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