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She seduces her fans with this sexy lingerie>entertainment>

March 04, 2021 – 10:09 am clock

Rihanna’s sexy spring greeting

Rihanna (33) unofficially heralds spring with a new photo: Because looking at it can get hot! For the singer, the extremely revealing eye-catcher is not only a guarantee of likes, but also a smart business move.

Rihanna: Hot seduction in a tight flower look

Even if Rihanna has just gotten rather quiet musically, the 33-year-old will not be forgotten with this hot eye-catcher! In tight panties and bra, the singer lolls on a lounger and looks seductively into the camera. She presents her curves and at the same time shows the latest creations of her lingerie label “Savage X Fenty”. The motto “Sex sells” is an absolute win-win situation for the business woman: Rihanna’s open-hearted photo ensures likes and ringing tills.

Sex Sells: But sometimes it goes wrong!

Rihanna receives positive comments for her current sexy photo greeting such as: “YOU’RE SO HOT”, “We love you sooo much” or just “Sexy!”, But last month the feedback on one of her wicked lingerie photos was very different the end. You can see in this video why the 33-year-old caused a lot of trouble with her last revealing post. One thing is certain: whether in a positive or negative sense – Rihanna’s lingerie photos definitely don’t leave anyone indifferent. But on the contrary.

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