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Rihanna Shows Herself With The Trend Pony Of The Hour – And Looks Completely Different

For her latest “Savage x Fenty” campaign, Rihanna has bought THE trendy pony

Rihanna’s hairstyles are an eternally fascinating subject. Now the musician is shaking the world with a new pony on a ride. As we know, Rihanna is a lot: singer, actress, founder, and owner of several blockbuster companies and a lingerie designer – the list is long. Her résumé is impressive enough as it is, but she recently added another title to the list: Magician. On March 1st, she unveiled a new campaign for her lingerie label Savage x Fenty, which featured her as a model with a completely different haircut than what we would have expected.

Though Rihanna has picked up a mullet haircut in the past few months – which she’s still wearing, as recent posts from her suggest – she shows herself off in the new campaign with waist-length hair, soft layers and curtain bangs that slightly drape across the Eyebrows fall. In other words, it looks very different from what we’ve seen lately, and only a few days ago.

Rihanna now wears bangs: She looks so different with curtain bangs

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Everyone is wondering how Rihanna got the casual fringe so quickly

Let’s play through a few ways Rihanna could have achieved this incredibly quick transformation: Either it is the result of a wig, the best extensions we have ever seen in our life as a beauty editor, or Rihanna’s scalp is really that powerful that their hair can grow inches in a few minutes. While we’d like to believe that she has some kind of magical hair-growing superpower (in the comic version, she might have had an accident at a vitamin B factory), we’re going to assume that this is the work of a wig: one absolutely perfect wig.

Rihanna’s outgrown, parted bangs make her face look narrower

Wrong hair or not, we’re pretty sure everyone will agree when we say this woman looks simply sensational with every haircut, color, and style she wears. Rihanna, maybe you should put on a cool wig more often? We can list more than a few people – well, millions of them, actually – who would love to see this.

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