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Nicole Kidman: That’s the secret of your marriage’s success

Nicole Kidman
That is the secret of their marriage’s success

Happily married for 14 years: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Happily married for 14 years: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

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Nicole Kidman has revealed the secret of the success of her marriage to Keith Urban. It is “so simple and at the same time complicated”.

Hollywood star Nicole Kidman (53, “Aquaman”) and Australian country singer Keith Urban (53, “The Speed ​​of Now Part 1”) have been happily married for over 14 years. In an interview with the magazine “Bunte”, the actress revealed what the secret of her marriage is, according to a preliminary announcement.

“The main reason it works between us is because I like him as a person,” reveals the 53-year-old. Kidman and Urban have already “been through a lot” together, which would have brought them even closer together. And if everything doesn’t work out the way you imagine it, the couple would fight for their relationship, Kidman continues. It is so simple and “complicated at the same time”.

Kidman and Urban were married in June 2006. Together they have two daughters Sunday Rose (12) and Faith Margaret (10) who, Kidman continues, want to follow in their footsteps: “In contrast to other acting parents, I am very proud thereon.”




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