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New Hollywood star takes on Iron Man role in Marvel animation series ·

After “Avengers: Endgame” Iron Man appears in an upcoming animated series, but the popular Marvel character is not voiced by Robert Downey Jr.

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– Warning: Spoilers for “Avengers: Endgame” will follow! –

After the brilliant ending of “Avengers: Endgame” fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) had to be brave. Iron Man / Tony Stark passed away and actor Robert Downey Jr. finally said goodbye to his longtime MCU role. Whether we will ever see the actor as the popular character again remains a mystery. In the upcoming animation series “Marvel’s MODOK“At least Iron Man reappears outside the MCU, but the Avenger is not spoken of by Downey Jr.

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As Deadline reports, actor Jon Hamm takes on the role of speaking for Iron Man in this case. Most of you probably know the actor from the hit series “Mad Men” and the action film “Baby Driver”. For the great Hollywood star, it is the first Marvel production that he is involved. In addition to Hamm, there is also comedian Patton Oswalt (“King of Queens”), who not only speaks the villain MODOK, but was also involved in the production of the series. In addition, Nathan Fillion will lend the voice to Wonder Man and Whoopi Goldberg will speak poundcakes.

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This is what “Marvel’s MODOK” is all about

“Marvel’s MODOK” deals with the Marvel character of the same name, MODOK. However, the super villain has had his best days behind him. For a long time the character pursued the dream of conquering the world and ruling over it. But after numerous setbacks and failures, MODOK drove its organization AIM to the ground.

Ousted from his leadership role, the villain also has to deal with his fragile marriage and is soon confronted with a completely new challenge. It will be exciting to see what role Iron Man has in this story and whether the character will also become an integral part of the series.

“Marvel’s MODOK” seems to be an extraordinary animated series, as it is also intended for an older audience and deals with more serious topics. The Marvel series is due on May 21, 2021 appear on Hulu in the US. “Marvel’s MODOK” could possibly be available in this country on Disney + under the star offer, but it is currently not known whether and how the series will be released in Germany.

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