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Mary Poppins Returns – Watch Disney’s first teaser trailer starring Emily Blunt

Disney has released the first teaser trailer for Mary Poppins’ return, the sequel of their legendary musical Mary Poppins from 1964. The teaser aired just in time for yesterday’s Academy Awards ceremony. He doesn’t reveal too much about the eponymous return, but at least we see Emily Blunt descending from the sky before she is welcomed by the now grown-up Banks family: “It is wonderful to see you” Ben Whishaw is happy as Michael Banks, whom Mary Poppins raised to a certain extent. “Yes it is, isn’t it?” she replies modestly, as usual. How wonderful their return will be in the end remains to be seen. It looks good on paper.

Michael’s sister Jane is played by Emily Mortimer, Meryl Streep plays Topsy, Colin Firth plays William Weatherall Wilkins. Even Dick van Dyke gets an appearance, even if not in the same role as in the original: He will play his own son, so to speak, Mr. Dawes Junior. The plot is a continuation of the original: Mary Poppins returns to the Banks family 25 years later, in the middle of London during the Great Depression.

The script for Mary Poppins’ Return was adapted by David Magee, who was nominated for an Oscar for two of his three scripts (When Dreams Learn To Fly, Life of Pi). Mary Poppins’ Returns is his first script since the Ang Lee hit Life of Pi. Directed by Rob Marshall, who last worked with Disney seven years ago, when he directed Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides. Mary Poppins’ return will be in German cinemas on the coming Christmas season December 20, 2018 occur.

How do you like the first teaser trailer for Mary Poppins’ return?

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