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April 13, 2021 – 16:42 clock

Muscle man versus mini dog

Actor Mark Wahlberg (49) has now revealed in the talk show by Ellen DeGeneres (63) that his own dog, Champ, recently bit him: “Two big pieces out of my finger!” Anyone who now expects the four-legged friend who has messed with his muscular master to be a huge scary dog ​​should take a look at the video. But be careful: acute cuteness alarm!

From the sofa to the basket? Not with champ!

Actually, Mark had wanted to carry the sleeping champ from the sofa into his basket, but that turned out to be a dangerous idea, as he told Ellen. Maybe the little dog just doesn’t like being woken up abruptly?

In any case, Mark’s finger still seems to be on it. Which means that he can still get his daughter Grace’s nails painted in lockdown. In March 2020, Mark had made quite a few women’s hearts melt when he showed on Instagram how patiently he keeps still during the manicure game with the eleven-year-old – and is then very proud of his painted nails.



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