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Loss of reality: Nicole Kidman on the consequences of filming

Nicole Kidman (53) sometimes wants a break. The actress is now a real Hollywood star and is shooting one blockbuster after the other – while the 53-year-old has slipped into dozens of different roles. Most recently, she was with Hugh Grant (60) in front of the camera in the mini-series “The Undoing”, which premiered a few months ago. During the filming, however, Nicole had to struggle with some problems, as she now reveals.

in the “WTF” Podcast by Marc Marron Nicole reported that she was often restless while standing in front of the camera. She admitted that she can often no longer distinguish between “role and reality”. Her immune system also suffered as a result: “I had to withdraw for a week because my body couldn’t anymore,” said the actress. In addition, there is one more thing that is bothering her a lot: Nicole struggles with sleeping problems.

In “The Undoing” Nicole plays the successful couples therapist Grace, who will soon publish her first guide. Her life changes suddenly when the mother of one of her son’s classmates is murdered and Grace’s husband Jonathan disappears without a trace.

Nicole Kidman, actress
Nicole Kidman in Los Angeles, 2018
Nicole Kidman in January 2020



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