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Leonardo DiCaprio and Co .: Serious words to US President Joe Biden

Joe Biden
US stars send an important letter to the American president

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

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Stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry and Jane Fonda are committed to climate protection. For this reason, they have now published a letter to Joe Biden in which they present their concerns to the President.

Specifically, the prominent climate protectors are concerned with the Amazon rainforest. They want the area to be better protected – at the same time they are demanding that US President Joe Biden, 78, not enter into environmental agreements with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, 66.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Co. are committed to the Amazon rainforest

The letter from the Hollywood stars, which was published on Tuesday (March 20, 2021), said, among other things: “The rights of the indigenous peoples who are the guardians of the forest have been violated by Bolsonaro and his government. We are concerned that your government may have negotiated an agreement with Bolsonaro to protect the Amazon. “

Protecting the Amazon rainforest is essential for global solutions to combat climate change – but Bolsonaro, who has been in office since 2019, is continuing to destroy the rainforest for profit, the letter warns. He continues to ignore land grabbing and illegal logging and allow slash and burn.

Jair Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro

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Your request to Joe Biden: No deal with Jair Bolsonaro

For this reason, every agreement with Brazil is to be rejected as long as deforestation is not reduced, human rights are not respected and civil society is not involved, they demand.

Finally, a proposal is made on how to save the Amazon instead: “We urge you to continue the dialogue with civil society, subnational governments, indigenous peoples and forest peoples of the Amazon basin who have developed solutions and proposals, including Amazon Climate Platform before commitments are announced or funds are released. ” The letter was signed by Leonardo DiCaprio, 46, Orlando Bloom, 44, Katy Perry, 36 and Jane Fonda, 83, among others. A total of 36 artists from the USA, Brazil and Great Britain are involved.

The Amazon region in Brazil is considered to be a carbon storage facility

The occasion for the urgent appeal is a virtual climate summit that Biden will hold on Thursday and will be attended by heads of state and government such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 66, Russian President Vladimir Putin, 68, and China’s head of state and party Xi Jinping, 67 , are invited. Brazil is an important topic in this context, because the country has part of the Amazon area the size of Western Europe, which is considered to be a CO2 store.

According to preliminary data from the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research, more than 200 square kilometers of rainforest in the Brazilian Amazon was destroyed in the first two months of this year. Last week, Bolsonaro Biden is said to have assured Biden in a letter, according to dpa, that he would support him in the fight against climate change. In this context, the Brazilian president is said to have pledged to end illegal logging in Brazil by 2030. For this project, however, Bolsenaro asked for funding in advance – the US, on the other hand, wants to see results first.

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