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Kate Winslet, what’s it like simulating sex with a woman?

Don’t you find such demands on the set sometimes difficult, starry-eyed, diva-like?
Oh, it is just becoming clear to many that women are allowed to have uncomfortable opinions. At some point these constant drops change society. We are right in the middle of this process and I consider it a privilege to be committed to it. We want to become more open, not to exclude anyone – and that is only possible in a society in which everyone feels comfortable.

Do you and husband Ned Smith have LGBTQ friends too?
Yes, there is, for example, Bex Taylor-Klaus, a non-binary transgender actor who starred in the series “The Killing”. My six-year-old son Bear has a photo of himself with Bex in his room. Bear thought Bex was a man. So I explained to him that Bex didn’t belong to any gender, and my son thought that was “totally cool”.

Do you understand something like that at six?
Absolutely! The other day he realized all by himself that his school was not gender equitable. He was very excited when he told me this. «Mom, they forgot a room! Where should those change who don’t yet know whether they are a boy or a girl? “

How did his mom react?
I was very proud of his feeling of injustice. We then wrote a letter together to ask why there is no third changing room. It is so important that we talk to our children about what world we want to live in.

Her twenty-year-old daughter Mia Threapleton has now also become an actress. Have you been enthusiastic about your career choice or rather disaffected?
I’ve seen this coming since she was five years old! (laughs) Mia has even made a little film now, and only a few days ago she got a role in a television series.

Does she remind you of yourself when you were twenty?
Not necessarily. She has this very special self-confidence of her generation: she knows exactly what she wants and has the courage to say everything. Even in moments when she feels too young and inexperienced, she says what she thinks. To take this space of freedom is great.



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