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Kate Winslet doubles in “Ammonite” and “Mare of Easttown”

Small town with big crimes: Kate Winslet fights as the “Mare of Easttown” for the good in the midst of total hopelessness.

Small town with big crimes: Kate Winslet fights as the “Mare of Easttown” for the good in the midst of total hopelessness.

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The Kate Winslet Festival is just beginning in the cinema and on the Sky Show. Both are worth seeing. Even if you think you already know a little about some of it.

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Simone Meier
Simone Meier


She likes it dirty now. She wears clothes that look like they haven’t been washed in months. It is now tangible. Take it. And lashes out verbally. In one case there is dirt and what it hides is their refuge. Before the others. In the second case, their curse. Because there she is practically wading through the dirt of the others. By their crimes. Welcome to the big Kate Winslet week. In the cinema. And in series paradise.

The film is called “Ammonite” and is one of those films that are now supposed to get the cinemas going again. A film with a superstar and a star, with Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan. A film with a lot of sea and petrified sea snails and a love that for a moment chisels all the hardening of two hearts. Kate Winslet plays the paleontologist Mary Anning (1799-1847) from Lyme Regis in Dorset, whose family lives from trading in sea junk. From the sale of fossils or mirrors in the shell frame. Mary Anning did exist.

Title heroine Mare Sheehan from the HBO series “Mare of Easttown”, on the other hand, is an invention. An investigator from the small town of Easttown, Pennsylvania. The area around Easttown has something of twin peaks, a lot of forest, steep gorges, water.

Water is also important in «Ammonite». You almost have to think a little of “Titanic” with so much water.

In Easttown, a girl has been missing for a year and another is found murdered in a stream. And as it is in a small town, everyone knows each other and is closely involved, and so it happens that the possible suspects soon begin to multiply in a ghostly manner. And even if some dialogues are written very funny, the sheer, leaden, rock-gray despair that lies over the little town of miserable white trash existences grows with every minute.

Trailer for «Mare of Easttown»

Teenage parents, drug addiction, abuse – everything is there and everything is very close because Easttown is basically one family. And so the many conflicts develop on the basis of family relationships. Each and every one of them just seems to fail. There is no protection anywhere. Easttown is a city made up of the lost. And it’s minimally perverse that one of the biggest Hollywood stars of the last couple of decades pokes the dirt here with as little make-up as possible. But the lost are popular.

“Mare of Easttown” goes with “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”, “Nomadland”, “Hillbilly Elegy” and pretty much every documentary by Michael Moore.

In the dirt of Dorset, on the other hand, there are treasures buried. Quasi world cultural heritage. Because “Ammonite” (sea snail) is like the Netflix film “The Dig” the story of a person who spends his life digging up our prehistory and does not receive any public recognition for it. “The Dig” tells of the biggest find made by the British archaeologist Basil Brown (1888–1977), who excavated a seventh-century warship during the Second World War. Whereby «Ammonite» has lived much longer than «The Dig»: The film should theoretically have been shown in Cannes last year, but what happened next … we know only too well.

Kate Winslet (as Mary Anning) and Saoirse Ronan (as Charlotte Murchison) bring it together to an Oscar and ten other nominations.

Kate Winslet (as Mary Anning) and Saoirse Ronan (as Charlotte Murchison) bring it together to an Oscar and ten other nominations.

Image: keystone

When Mary Anning was eleven, her brother found the skull of an ichthyosaurus and a little later she found its entire skeleton. Her find is considered a major attraction in the British Museum in London, Mary’s name is not mentioned. A pattern that did not change in her life: Although she was considered the undisputed specialist among British geologists, well-known researchers visited her, bought her fossils and exchanged ideas with her – only to then sell Anning’s research as her own. At the age of 47 she died sick, bitter and addicted to drugs.

Mary Anning's sketch of a Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus dated December 26, 1823.

Mary Anning’s sketch of a Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus dated December 26, 1823.

Image: Mary Anning via wikipedia

Director and screenwriter Francis Lee (“God’s Own Country”) is now inventing a brief phase of clarification in Anning’s life. He sends the (who also existed) geologist Roderick Murchison and his young wife Charlotte (Saoirse Ronan) to Lyme Regis. Murchison pays Anning a fan visit and also leaves his affluent-depressed wife with her for several weeks in order to be able to go on a carefree trip to Europe. Mary hates the apathetic Charlotte, who is useless for nothing, neither for preparing carrots nor for fetching coal. But then Charlotte falls ill and almost dies, and Mary reluctantly becomes a nurse at the doctor’s orders.

The emotional state of the two women changes. Charlotte breaks free from the marital cage. Mary, however, can be caught. What must come (and it comes extremely realistically), but because for Charlotte relationship and possession are the same from her own experience, this does not necessarily contribute to the success of this relationship. The bladder in which the two women find themselves for a short time is more permeable than they want to admit.

A little luck can also be in Easttown: Winslet with Guy Pearce, who plays a formerly successful writer.

A little luck can also be in Easttown: Winslet with Guy Pearce, who plays a formerly successful writer.

Image: keystone

Mare from Easttown and Mary from Lime Regis are both headstrong, stubborn, and passionately self-determined. Women between super trampling and amazon. Exciting, vibrating with life in every look and every step.

Because that is always Kate Winslet: One energy, one body, one absolute fearlessness. The total presence of every gesture and every word (well, the dialogues aren’t the strongest thing about «Ammonite»). Always has. No matter whether in “Heavenly Creatures” (she was only 18), “Sense and Sensibility” or “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. And because everything in the film, like in the series, has to relate to her and react to her, there is a constant roar and roar of interpersonal relationships. Boredom seems unimaginable with Winslet.

The problem with both productions is that some things seem familiar. “Mare of Easttown” is a bit like all of Stephen King’s small-town scenarios, some “Broadchurch” is also added and a lot of things that have already been seen on the subject of problem young people. Screenwriter and creator Brad Ingelsby probably used some of his favorite fabrics. But well, better stolen from the best than no idea.

SNL makes fun of lesbian costume films

Even more striking, however, is the overlap between “Ammomite” and “Portrait d’une jeune fille en feu” by Celine Sciamma. Because like “Portrait”, “Ammonite” also shows a costumed love of women against the backdrop of wild waters. As in «Portrait», one of the two is independent – in «Portrait» it was an artist, now it’s the scientist – while the other is rich. As in «Portrait», her love takes place in a moment of her life without any men.

So is it a hidden British remake of a French film? Or a wave of lesbian costume films? “Saturday Night Live” made fun of it very aptly. In defense of “Ammonite” it can be said that the film was shot before “Portrait” premiered in Cannes. So a coincidence. Let’s enjoy it 😉

“Ammonite” will be shown in the cinema from May 20th. “Mare of Easttown” can be seen on Sky Show from May 21st.

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source: keystone

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