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Jochen Busse private: After the TV-off! That’s what the actor does today

Jochen Busse is well remembered by many viewers: as an official from the RTL comedy show “Das Amt”. What is the actor actually doing today after leaving TV? You can find out here.

The actor Jochen Busse wants to know again – and returns to German TV.
Image: Henning Kaiser / dpa

The cabaret artist and actor Jochen Busse knows about the effect of his appearance: “I was always the asshole on television,” he told the German Press Agency in Cologne. You have to know how to appear: “If someone is obese, he can’t play slim. And if someone looks like me, it’s easier, he plays bad,” said Busse. He referred to the success that you can have with it: “There is an actor in America, his name is Jack Nicholson, who has made a great career with it. I made a small career with it. I am very satisfied with that.”

Jochen Busse made a career with “7 Days, 7 Heads” and “Das Amt”

Busse should be known to many people from “7 Days, 7 Heads” or “Das Amt” (both RTL). But actually he did a lot more in his cabaret and acting career. Often times he was the bad guy in some way. At that time, RTL started a small comedy boom. One of the most memorable people: Jochen Busse. In 2017 he celebrated his TV comeback with the sitcom: “Not to be killed”. In it he plays a nasty old man again.

This can be seen as a bit of a surprise because he hadn’t played a major role on television for around ten years. Above all, one remembers how he initiated jokes from Rudi Carrell and Mike Krüger in “7 Days, 7 Heads” with his “well-known amiable nature”. And how he embodied the official joke incarnate in “The Office”. The times were different, it was the 90s.

Biography and curriculum vitae: Jochen Busse wants to see life as a comedy

Busse was born in Iserlohn in the Sauerland. Even before he graduated from high school, Busse had exchanged his home town of Iserlohn for Munich in order to achieve his goal of becoming an actor, as he did in his book “Speaking of sandwiches: the comedy of my life” (Ullstein, 304 pages, 19.99 euros). Without financial support from home – his father had gone bankrupt with a metal processing company – he got by with odd jobs and gained stage experience, as an extra at the Kammerspiele or with the “Firecracker”. Later he played in the Munich “Rationaltheater” and in the Düsseldorf “Kom (m) ödchen”, from 1976 to 1991 Busse belonged to the ensemble and team of authors of the Munich Lach- und Schießgesellschaft. He is still on stage today.

Sex movies? Jochen Busse about his beginnings

In his book, Busse also writes about his filmic beginnings: “They were paved with small roles in unimportant so-called ‘sex films’.” These films like “Die Jungfrauen von Bumshausen” or “Hausfrauenreports” would have “neither benefited him nor harmed me,” said Busse. “You were completely harmless and extremely moderate.” Busses screen presence ended in the early 90s. Until then he was also in with Thomas Gottschalk and Mike Krüger “The super noses” to see and in “Reverend inherits paradise” or “Kehraus”.

Jochen Busse is currently privately married to his wife Constanze Volkne

In his book, Busse not only reports about his career, but also about the most important women in his life: “It was not my intention that I am married for the fourth time, that is, that I have three increasingly expensive divorces behind me. It just is happened. I really believed in each of my partners that she was the right woman for life. “

Since 2007 he has been married to Constanze Volkne, who is now his fourth wife. From trying to get bored before To save with an affair, Busse doesn’t think so, as he once said to the German Press Agency: “Somehow everyone asks themselves ‘What does the other one have that I don’t have?’ in marriage is then insulting, “said Busse. “A marriage goes the way it goes. And you can do anything for it as long as it works – but you can’t do anything for it when the air is out.”

Jochen Busse does that today

Jochen Busse has given up his TV career. His love for acting does not leave him calm, however, he continues to stand on the stage. For the past few years he’s been doing cabaret and performing in the theater, like his website is to be read.

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