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Jake Gyllenhaal: Anna Kendrick totally pissed off!

After Jake Gyllenhaal (33) and Anna Kendrick (29) had already made a pretty good team at “End of Watch”, the makers of “Into the Woods” wanted to benefit from the friendship between the two. It didn’t come to that in the end and that made Anna Kendrick pretty angry, as she now confesses in an interview with “The Daily Beast”. In “Into the Woods” the 29-year-old plays ‘Cinderella’ and Gyllenhaal was supposed to play her prince. At the last minute, however, the film’s makers canceled it because he was offered the lead role in “Nightcrawler”.

“Oh man, I was so mad at Jake, but I can tell you that,” Anna Kendrick is still annoyed today. “I sent him a message straight away and wrote: ‘You let me sit – I’ll never forgive you!” After watching the trailer for “Nightcrawler”, Anna Kendrick could understand why Jake Gyllenhaal was for that has decided on another film project and admits: “I saw the trailer and immediately sent him a message. ‘Wow, you inspire me every day’. “

The “Into the Woods” actress does not reveal how Jake Gyllenhaal herself reacted to the news from his acting colleague. Instead of Jake Gyllenhaal, 29-year-old Billy Magnussen was cast for the role of Prince and Anna Kendrick gives in: “Billy is really great!”

The musical film starts with us on February 19th. “Nightcrawler” with Jake Gyllenhaal, on the other hand, has been in cinemas since November 13th.

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