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“I love being a mother”

The news that Cameron Diaz, 47, had become a mother for the first time came as a total surprise. Now the actress spoke for the first time about the new life with her daughter Raddix.

Cameron Diaz speaks for the first time about being a mom

Cameron Diaz and her husband Benji Madden got theirs last December Daughter Raddix. The couple tried to have a baby for a long time. With Raddix, your little family is finally perfect.

It is all the more surprising that the 47-year-old now reports from quarantine on Instagram and speaks for the first time about her role as a mother.

I love being a mom. That is absolutely best part of my life. I’m so grateful and so happy and that’s the best thing ever

raves the pretty blonde.

“Benji is an incredible father”

She is having the best time with her husband. In the conversation on the Instagram live stream, Cameron continues:

I cook, clean or take care of my baby – usually all at the same time. After we bathe our baby and it’s ready for bed, Benji puts it to bed, he’s so good. He is one of those incredible father. I am so happy that he is my baby’s father.

So while Benji puts little Raddix to bed in the evening, Cameron is having a good time: “I’ll go into the kitchen and pour myself a nice glass of red wine”.

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“I live a life in quarantine anyway”

The “Bad Teacher” actress admits that she’s taken Corona measures had little influence on them:

I’m living in anyway Life in quarantinebecause I have a three and a half month old child. So my life has been completely calm and quiet for the past few months.

However, she can no longer have her friends with her.



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