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How the MCU swept one of its biggest failures under the rug

It’s one of the most triumphant twists and turns in MCU history. 8 years after her last appearance as Jane Foster, Natalie Portman holds the Mjölnir in the cameras at Comic-Con 2019 – the Thor hammer that can only be held by those who have proven themselves worthy.

I’m turning this picture to describe the importance of the actress to the MCU: Natalie Portman is awesome. The MCU is now once again worthy of wearing them.

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To the deal

That was not the case for 8 years. Because Natalie Portman’s exit from the MCU after Thor 2: The Dark Kingdom was only inconspicuous in public. According to reliable statements, there was a huge bang behind the scenes.

In this article on Natalie Portman’s return to Thor 4, I explain:

  • Why Natalie Portman Really Left the MCU.
  • How the MCU sweeps a solid noise under the carpet to this day.
  • And why the MCU with Thor 4: Love and Thunder is now ready for Natalie Portman’s return.

Dispute at Thor 2: why Natalie Portman really got out of the MCU

Natalie Portman was an exception in the MCU. the Oscar winner with Harvard degree lent the young, somewhat trampled superhero universe her grandessa, her glamor and her beguiling reputation as a character actress in 2010. Actors from this league only had a few actors from this league at the time, because they charge too much.

Expressed differently: Natalie Portman didn’t need the MCU. If something doesn’t suit her, she could just leave. And in 2010, when Thor 2 was being filmed, there was a lot to complain about with the MCU.

The 2010 MCU was shockingly sexist. Scarlett Johansson’s lascivious introduction as Black Widow in Iron Man 2 is nothing short of a sex bomb cliché. There were hardly any other female leading roles, let alone creative positions filled with women.

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Portman is said to have only agreed to a stake in Thor 2 because Patty Jenkins, a woman, was hired for the director’s position, he learned Hollywood Reporter . The first Marvel blockbuster to be produced under the creative direction of a director: Portman postponed a planned, year-long break for this opportunity.

In 2011, Marvel swaps Patty Jenkins as Thor 2 director for Alan Taylor. According to the THR report, Portman was furious when she learned of the decision, which also came from Patty Jenkins. The Jane Foster actress stayed by contract and did the job.

Thor 2 is considered one of the weakest MCU films today. Natalie Portman subsequently did not star in an MCU film again. The whole affair is one of the biggest failures in otherwise flawless MCU history.

After the Marvel Dispute: How Kevin Feige feigns a peaceful mood

Dealing with this probably unclean separation is exciting. Marvel avoided public controversy. A dissatisfied star actress and her harsh criticism could have done great damage to the franchise at this point.

Instead, MCU executives and Natalie Portman spread for years an artificial peace-joy-pancake atmosphere.

The MCU wasn’t overflowing with figures back then. The fans noticed the absence, of course, they wondered for years where this important character has gone. Portman’s departure tore a hole in the continuity-conscious row. Jane Foster mentioned the Marvel Universe often enough not to make its absence seem entirely strange. Before Thor 3: Decision Day, this strategy reached its limits.

MCU boss Kevin explained with a flimsy excuse why Jane Foster can’t be in Thor 3, reported Screen scrush . It supposedly failed because of the space setting. Natalie Portman takes over the statement By the way, almost word for word when they return to the Comic-Con.

Natalie Portman in Thor 2

Kevin Feige wanted us to believe it was there are raccoons talking in the MCU, but not a way for humans to do space travel. He could have saved himself the explanation anyway.

“I’m done with Thor”Portman clarified in a later interview. It sounds harder when written than she meant it. It’s the friendly, matter-of-fact answer from a woman who has long since moved on professionally.

At this point there are no signs or plans Integrate Portman back into the MCU. In Thor 3 we even get the official line: In one scene, a fan expresses pity that Jane broke up with Thor.

Jane Foster is written from the MCU. There is no narrative necessity that would make Natalie Portman return. And yet that’s exactly what happens two years later. Why?

Jane Foster in Thor 4: That’s Why She Returns

Of the Avengers: Endgame Appearance by Jane Foster

in spring 2019 consists of old material, but Portman spoke in new script lines for the time travel scenes. The MCU had one foot in the actress’s office door again. And Kevin Feige had a whole mountain of persuasive material with him.

After Patty Jenkins’ exit, we waited for the first MCU film with a female lead and by a female director for another 8 years – Captain Marvel by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck and with Brie Larson. The MCU has been striving for a more diverse line-up for years.

Natalie Portman becomes the female Thor in Thor 4

In addition, the Thor series through the involvement of Taika Waititi get new creative momentum. The director spins his stories around various characters such as the bisexual Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson). He is also filming a series of comics popular with fans and critics.

Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman changed Jane Foster’s role in the Thor comics from 2014: They made Jane the new Thor. Jane is fighting cancer and with each transformation, it diminishes the effects of chemotherapy. This figure promises a completely different challenge. She is worthy of an actress like Natalie Portman.

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