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Hospital quits nurse because she is with OnlyFans

Even in the tough times of the corona pandemic, Allie Rae worked tirelessly as a nurse in a hospital in the greater Boston area in the United States. But that is now a thing of the past. Because her colleagues discovered a sexy secret.

Allie Rae’s story began on her then private Instagram account. After posting a few bikini photos there, her mailbox was flooded. People wanted to see more. The next logical step: OnlyFans.

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However, the now 37-year-old didn’t seem to trust the thing at the time. “I might have uploaded two photos there. And in the next two weeks I had more and more followers – without being active at all, ”recalls Rae in an interview with the“ New York Post ”. And after just a month, she had made around $ 8,000 – significantly more than as a nurse.

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Nevertheless: giving up your job because of this was out of the question for a mother of three. Rather, she tried to avoid conflicts at work: She didn’t reveal her name or her job on OnlyFans. When a group of colleagues discovered her online, the disaster nevertheless took its course. They subscribed to the channel to take screenshots and then forwarded them to hospital management.

Allie Rae cannot explain why they did this. “They were people I worked with day and night,” she says. However, those responsible knew no mercy and gave them the choice: No more OnlyFans or resignation.

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Allie Rae gets rich with OnlyFans

Even if you don’t know Allie Rae, just looking at her online activity will quickly tell you what her choice was. She chose OnlyFans, which is now followed by more than 66,000 people. There are even more than 90,000 on Instagram.

And despite losing her job, the blonde has absolutely no financial worries. By her own account, she makes $ 200,000 a month. In that regard, she must have done everything right.

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