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Hollywood star Jack Nicholson is shaken by Kobe Bryant’s death

After the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant (1978-2020), the most prominent fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, Jack Nicholson (82, “Die Angerprobe”), speaks out in one of his rare interviews. In an interview with the US broadcaster CBS, the noble fan is devastated.

Here is the book “Mamba Mentality: My Path to Success” by Kobe Bryant

“It kills you”

“My reaction was the same as almost everyone in LA: We thought everything was stable, but it’s a huge hole in the wall.” He was used to talking to Bryant and meeting him. “It kills you. It’s just a terrible event,” said a noticeably dejected Nicholson.

He could of course also remember his first meeting with Bryant: “I pissed him off a bit.” In Madison Square Garden in New York, Nicholson offered him a basketball and asked if he would like an autograph: “He looked at me as if I was crazy.” Bryant was great, had a great sense of humor: “We will think of him all the time and we will miss him.”

Nicholson is one of the most famous supporters of the Los Angeles Lakers NBA team. The Oscar winner was a regular guest at the Staples Center for many years and followed the games of his favorite team up close from his regular seat in the front row. Commenting on his stadium experience with Bryant, he said, “I was sitting on the left side just behind his jump shot.” He was always able to tell immediately after leaving the ball whether Bryant’s throw went into the basket or not.

Tragic misfortune

Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California. His daughter Gianna (13) and seven other passengers were also on board the machine.



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