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Fans outraged: is Sofia Vergara’s private jet photo insensitive?

Admittedly, tact looks a little different. Sofia Vergara (47) is currently facing a lot of criticism on the Internet. Actually, the actress who became known with the sitcom Modern Family is extremely popular. Given the current severe weather disaster caused by Hurricane Dorian, this proved Sofia Recently, however, not necessarily a lucky hand on social media and is now being violently attacked from many sides.

Stumbling block: Sofía published on her Instagram-Account a picture of her with her family in a private jet. The actress and her loved ones had enjoyed their summer on their vacation home “Casa Chipi Chipi” in the Caribbean – but had to leave the island because of Hurricane Dorian. “Bye bye Dorian,” wrote Sofía about the photo of the family in the posh private plane. Many found it disrespectful or tasteless.

Now the 47-year-old has to listen to a lot of criticism on her Instagram page. “Probably not one of your best moments sneering about escaping on a private jet while others who are not as wealthy as you are stuck”, criticized a user. “It must be nice to be rich,” comments another. “You’re not really self-reflective, are you?” Another person writes: “To remain humble would have been more classy.”

Sofia Vergara (with sunglasses) in a private jet with her family
Joe Manganiello and Sofía Vergara at the 2020 Golden Globes
Sofia Vergara at an Oscar party in February 2019



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