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Deadpool 3: Hugh Jackman has insanely good advice for Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool 3, the long-awaited sequel to the superhero comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, is currently in production. In order for the film to be just as successful as the previous two parts of the Marvel comic book adaptation, actor Hugh Jackman took the time to give “Deadpool” actor Ryan Reynolds an important tip – or rather, to say forward.

So “Deadpool 3” is guaranteed to be a hit

While walking through New York City, Jackman apparently got into conversation with a group of police officers. One of them is directed at Reynolds in a video that Jackman shared on Twitter: “Hey Ryan, make sure you get this guy on board for ‘Deadpool 3’,” says the official. “Even if it was only for a ten minute guest appearance, that would be so crazy. The movie would be so cool. ” (Also Interesting: 5 Reasons Ryan Reynolds Is Always Well Dressed)

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds: that’s behind their feud

Anyone who follows Jackman and / or Reynolds on Twitter or Instagram knows that such taunts are not uncommon between the two Hollywood stars. Rather, the “friendship” of the two superhero actors has established itself as a running gag in social media – in fact, the two are close friends. The fact that Australians and Canadians are regularly counted among the nicest people in the film industry in interviews by colleagues only makes it all the more amusing. (Also Read: Deadpool 2: Everything You Should Know About The Movie)

The staged squabble goes back to a film that the two made together more than ten years ago: “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, which coincidentally also laid the foundation for the “Deadpool” film series. Katanas, as we know “Deadpool” today, Reynolds character in the comic book adaptation of 2009 was still a long way off and next to Jackman’s Wolverine “Deadpool” only played a small role, but for this reason many fans long to see each other again of the two characters – including the New York cop Jackman met on the street, it appears.

However, the short video that Jackman shared on Twitter suggests that the police officer’s advice was on orders. “You could threaten him with a ticket if he didn’t take it,” suggests Jackman from behind the camera.

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