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Chris Hemsworth shows off muscular arms – but his celebrity friends scoff at something else entirely

This was certainly not how Chris Hemsworth had imagined the reactions to his latest Instagram post. Instead of the warm comments he expected, his fans, friends and close family members took him for a while.

You can see him in the photo with his little son. He asked him – according to the caption – the centuries-old question “What do you want to be later?” Matching the red cloak he wears, his son replied: “Dad, I want to be Superman.” Hemsworth joked, “Fortunately, I have two more children.” (Also interesting: Chris Hemsworth: He is the “Special Friend” of his son Tristan)

Chris, did you skip Leg Day?

However, hardly anyone pays much attention to the caption of the post, which already received over 9 million likes within one day. The reason for this: Hemsworth’s unequal proportions. Because his legs look extremely thin compared to the incredibly muscular arms. His brother Luke commented: “Bro! Did you skip Leg Day again? ” Even famous friends such as Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot or Josh Brolin could not resist a little swipe and expressed their amusement. Let’s hope Chris Hemsworth takes the comments with humor! (Also interesting: Chris Hemsworth: That’s what the thunder god does in the home office)

The current form of the American is not entirely surprising, however. After all, the actor has been training hard for the filming of “Thor: Love and Thunder” over the past few months. In doing so, he has changed so much physically that even his double now has problems keeping up with the muscle pack. Chris Hemsworth is also preparing for his new role as wrestling star Hulk Hogan.

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