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At the premiere of her first film, she fainted

In films, princesses like to fall unconscious into their princes’ arms. It is not known whether in Camila Cabello’s case – or better: IN Camila Cabello’s case – her colleague Nicholas Galitzine was close by to do justice to his role as a prince. Camila, the real prince of the heart, Shawn Mendes (23) was not at the premiere of his loved ones. Maybe because he didn’t want to steal the show from his sweetheart.

In any case, Camila got up bravely after her faint and after a short delay stepped onto the stage of “The Greek Theater” in Los Angeles with her co-stars to greet the premiere audience. “Sorry, I passed out for a moment, but I’m back,” you can hear her say in a video that “Entertainment Tonight” is there.

To be on the safe side, she read her small acceptance speech from a piece of paper: “I can only say that this was an unbelievable experience. I believed in this film so much that I just wanted to enjoy it and not screw it up. ”The film on offer felt like God made it for her. Camila enthused: “I just couldn’t say no. It’s a dream for me to be honest. And also a bit scary. ”So scary that your knees can go weak. (csp)

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