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Anna Kendrick: Blasphemy attack because of Jamie Dornan

Anna Kendrick
Seizure of blasphemy over Jamie Dornan

Anna Kendrick

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Actress Anna Kendrick is apparently not happy with Jamie Dornan, the lead actor from the highly anticipated film “Fifty Shades of Gray”

Anna Kendrick, 29, was very badassed about Jamie Dornan, 32 ,.

The Oscar-nominated actress (“Up in the Air”) joked that she should “call the youth welfare office” because the actor (“The Fall”) looked way too boyish for her in the role of sadist Christian Gray. In her opinion, the Irish-British treat is not the ideal cast and she vented her anger about it on Twitter by comparing the sexy actor to young star Thomas Brodie-Sangster, 24. “The” Fifty Shades of Gray “guy looks like the kid from” Indeed … love “,” she tweeted on her account, adding: “I don’t feel turned on and I feel more like calling the youth welfare office.”

“Fifty Shades of Gray” tells the story of the young and sexually inexperienced Anastasia Steele (played by Dakota Johnson), who meets the rich businessman Christian Gray (played by Jamie Dornan) and goes on spicy SM adventures with him.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, on the other hand, is known as the unhappily in love schoolboy from “Actually … Love”. Since then, the actor has also played in the hit series “Game of Thrones” and has long since ceased to be a little boy – for Anna, however, he will probably always be.

In contrast to the descriptive content of the book by writer EL James, 51, the film “Fifty Shades of Gray” is said to be much tamer. Jamie revealed in an interview with the British newspaper “The Observer” that there would be no “arbitrary” sex scenes. “There is a clause in the contract that says that the audience will not … well … see my best play,” said the big screen star.

The film will be released in German cinemas on February 12, 2015 – then you can check in this country whether Anna Kendrick is right in her opinion about Jamie Dornan.


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