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Adam Sandler: Dicey situation on the set

Directors Josh and Benny Safdie revealed in a joint interview that Adam was attacked a little too hard in a scene in which his character was kidnapped. Josh told Entertainment Weekly, “All three guys who kidnapped Sandler, it was the first movie they made. So they were very professional, but when you do it for the first time – Sandler is so in, he’s like this immersed in the figure that it got a little creepy once or twice “. The 36-year-old filmmaker praised the movie’s stunt coordinator for realizing that Sandler was feeling uncomfortable. “Our stunt driver was actually the stunt coordinator too, so he had him in view the whole time and praise for him for really having an eagle eye – because there was a shot when Sandler was being strangled and trying to break out of the scene, but the actor thought he was just Howard, so he choked harder and Adam couldn’t breathe, “said Josh.

Adam, who was also interviewed with both brothers, revealed that he suffered a lot of bruises while filming. However, he would appreciate the chance to work with the Safdie brothers on another project. “We talk about it all the time, man. I love these guys, I love them. I mean, they’re incredible filmmakers,” says Sandler of the duo.

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