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Úrsula Corberó: The final season 5 of the Netflix hit “House of Money” starts this week

The Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó became a world star with her role as the bank robber Tokyo in the action series “House of Money”. At times, “House of Money” was the world’s most popular non-English-language series on Netflix. The long-awaited first part of the last season will start on Friday, September 3, 2021. The grand finale will follow at the beginning of December. At the same time, Úrsula Corberó is now the new face for the “Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate” from Shiseido. At first glance a surprising choice, since Shiseido has so far been associated with pure and classic beauty rather than an action heroine.

How did your connection with the Japanese cosmetics brand come about?

I’ve had a strong relationship with Japan for a while. That started with my role of Tokyo in “House of Money”. And then all of a sudden a miracle happened and, even before the pandemic, I was allowed to travel to Japan for my first Hollywood film, my first ever visit there. Then Shiseido called me. And in the campaign they put a lot of emphasis on the fact that I could just be myself. That was really very important to me, because I’m an actress and not a model.

You mentioned your role as Tokyo. She is an uncompromising action heroine and is involved in extremely daring raids. At Shiseido you would classically like more delicate, introverted beauties Karen Elson expect. Are you now adding a new facet to the Shiseido image?

Others have to judge that. But I think Shiseido is a very strong brand and we have a lot in common. The new campaign for the “Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate” tells about female empowerment. It’s also a serum that strengthens the skin’s own protective mechanisms. So it’s about being yourself, being natural. Maybe that’s why they came up with me. I try to be true to myself and I am often something of a rebel. We live this life, we live in this world to have fun. I let things happen and I let mistakes happen. I don’t like perfection.

“House of Money” is now entering the final round. The first part of the last season 5 starts in early September on Netflix, the second in early December. What will happen? Are the gang still stuck in the Bank of Spain like at the end of last season?

I don’t want to spoil. But what I can say is that it’s a fucking war! It was really tough shooting that. I’ve never done anything like this before. We shot a scene for two weeks! It was like in that movie with Bill Murray, where he wakes up and it’s always the same day: “And the groundhog greets me every day”. That’s exactly how it felt to us.

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