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Trouble about George Clooney’s property: But no villa in the south of France

The dream of a chic country house in Provence has burst for the time being. There is now trouble with another interested party about the property in Brignoles in the south of France that George Clooney wanted to buy.

George Clooney wanted to buy a new luxury property in the south of France. Just in time for his 60th birthday, the city council of Brignoles, a small town with 17,000 inhabitants, announced that the Hollywood star wanted to purchase the 18th century country house.

The property is a 160 hectare complex – with a pond, a swimming pool and vineyards – with the melodious name “Domaine du Canadel”. According to the regional newspaper “Var-Matin”, the actor has already signed the purchase contract.

“Uncertainty about the property”

But now it comes out: Nothing came of the purchase. The property is said to have already been sold, as the lawyer of another interested party explained to the judiciary on Monday evening. His client has therefore paid six million euros for the property George Clooney wanted. You can see photos of the villa here.

  (Source: Youtube / Mon Office Immobilier M-OI) (Source: Youtube / Mon Office Immobilier M-OI)

The previous owners of the “Domaine du Canadel” are an elderly Australian couple who live in Monaco. The property had been offered for sale a few years ago. According to the attorney, Clooney’s rival had reached an agreement with the owners in August to purchase the property. Later, however, they would have asked for 6.2 million euros – 200,000 euros more than agreed – and then canceled the sale.

In contrast, the first interested party went to court. As long as this dispute is not resolved, there is “uncertainty about the property,” said lawyer Guy Azzari. According to him, the process could take one to four years.

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