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“Ticket To Paradise”: Julia Roberts and George Clooney are finally filming together again

Julia Roberts and George Clooney are back together in front of the camera. But in their new film they are much less fond of each other than in real life.

If you were to put together a hit list of the most beautiful actors on the planet, the two would rank pretty high: Julia Roberts and George Clooney not only have a reputation for looking dazzling, they are also considered clever in the industry and are almost in person blockbusters -Guarantees.

Because a successful film usually lives from a brilliant script, but often from a grandiose cast. And at least the latter shouldn’t be the problem if the romantic comedy “Ticket To Paradise” doesn’t hit the cinemas.

Roberts and Clooney are already filming the comedy “Ticket To Paradise” this year

Filming is scheduled to begin this year. At least that’s what the film portals reported Variety and Deadline.com consistent. And the British director and screenwriter Ol Parker (51, “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”) already tweeted that the collaboration was “a joyful thing” for him.

There shouldn’t be any trouble on the set or diva annoyance, because the two actors like each other. The 59-year-old Clooney and the six years younger Julia Roberts are close friends in real life, which is not really common in Hollywood.

George and his wife Amal at the premiere of the series “Catch-22” in 2019.

Photo: Jordan Strauss, dpa

The mimes met for the first time 20 years ago while filming the crime comedy “Ocean’s Eleven”. “We didn’t know each other before. People always assume we did, ”Clooney said later in an interview. The two are said to have spontaneously liked each other and spent time together outside of the set in the following years, which led to all sorts of gossip in the gossip press. The two Oscar winners stood together in front of the camera four times – most recently in “Money Monster”, a thriller by director and actress Jodie Foster from 2016.

There were rumors in Hollywood of a quibble

The rumors about a quibble should at least not be fueled by their next film together. Because in that the two Hollywood stars will play divorced married couples.

In “Ticket To Paradise” Roberts and Clooney travel together to Bali in their roles as ex-wife and ex-husband in order to prevent their daughter from getting married there too young. They believe that their own lightning wedding 25 years ago was a mistake.

In contrast to many top-class projects at the moment, the film, which is being produced by the film studios Universal Pictures and WorkingTitle, is intended for the big screen. Universal Pictures made a conscious decision against selling the film to a streaming provider, it is said. (with dpa)

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