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That’s how funny Chris Hemsworth congratulates colleague Chris Evans on his birthday

Updated on June 14, 2021, 7:40 a.m.

  • Chris Evans has turned 40 and has received congratulations from his fellow actors on Instagram.
  • Chris Hemsworth posted a greeting with a photo of himself and Chris Pratt on the occasion.
  • The three Marvel actors like to flirt with the likelihood of their names being confused.

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Thor actor Chris Hemsworth congratulates Captain America Chris Evans on his birthday on Instagram – with a photo of himself and Star Lord actor Chris Pratt. A successful joke, since the Marvel actors with the same first names cause confusion in real life.

The Insta posting by Chris Hemsworth does not look very special at first glance: “Happy 40th birthday Chris Evans, you will always be number 1 for me,” writes the Thor actor and posts a selfie of himself loose hair and another Chris on it. However, his last name is Pratt and can even be seen in the picture in his Star-Lord outfit from the Marvel films.

Chris, Chris and Chris

The fact that three actors with the first name Chris are starring at Marvel already causes enough confusion in Hollywood. Correspondingly, fans have now gone one better with the funny birthday post: “This is obviously Chris Pine!” So a fourth Chris comes into play.

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger has lost track of everything with Chrisen: During a video call for a good cause, the Terminator greeted with “Hello Chris Evans” when he actually had Chris Pratt on the line. He jokingly apologized to his son-in-law: “I’m sorry, I should know your name – after all, you are my favorite son-in-law.” Chris Pratt could only answer: “I’m your only son-in-law! I’d rather be your darling.”
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