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SOL and ADA Prepare for Next Boom By – Two cryptocurrencies in particular are currently attracting attention: and. Thanks to epic price increases in recent weeks, the two altcoins, which have been under investor radar for a long time, have made it into the mainstream. Not only the Handelsblatt, but also BR24 or Computer Bild, whose core business actually has nothing to do with crypto currencies or even stocks, now report regularly about the two superstars in the crypto universe. Clicks bring money, so the topic is now regularly exploited in these editorial offices. And an end to the hype surrounding ADA and SOL is not yet in sight.

Currently trading at $ 2.81 and $ 115.82, respectively, Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL), despite the recent price rally, still have the potential to move into the next but final stage of the to increase massively in the current bull market.

If Jason Pizzino, an experienced crypto analyst, has his way, who informs his 200,000+ YouTube subscribers about the situation on the crypto market, Cardano and Solana are sending out bullish signals given the good mood in the crypto markets.

In addition to Solana and ADA, they are one of the absolute outperformers in the crypto market, as Pizzino points out. The ADA cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain has had an enormous volume in the last three weeks and climbed to a peak of 2.98 dollars. The rate, which is now the third largest cryptocurrency in the world, is currently consolidating above the former record high of $ 2.50.

According to the trader, the increase in trading volumes on a weekly basis and the breakout above the previous all-time high heralds another explosive price movement – possibly already in the week or the day before the smart contract integration on the Cardano blockchain.

The official launch of the Alonzo upgrade is planned for September 12th. With the hard fork, it should then be possible to run smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain. Cardano would catch up with other crypto currencies such as ether.

“For me, the volume is a good signal for the boom. We may be in a consolidation phase above the previous record levels. That is exactly what we want to see,” said Pizzino.

For the Ethereum rival Solana, he predicts a similar development as for Cardanos. After breaking the previous all-time high of 61 US dollars and a current exchange rate of 115 US dollars, Pizzino expects a breather above the previous high. This would result in a new level of support before the SOL course climbs north again.

“At Solana, the starting position is similar. After the boom, we need a break. However, in addition to the still high volume, the breakout to new highs also indicates a further price increase. Will there be a little respite? Probably. Increases a course over several weeks, a little break is even healthy for the market. “

Pizzino also emphasizes the importance of staying humble, especially at the beginning of your crypto career, knowing that nothing is safe. So you can’t experience a hard landing either, because exploding prices can quickly cloud a trader’s judgment.

“It’s extremely turbulent out there in the crypto-universe. There is chaos. One side says: ‘It can’t go down. The supercycles are here.’ Still others claim, ‘will never hit the $ 100,000 mark …’ “

He himself doesn’t think in these extremes. Because it is above all always this one magical sentence that ultimately drives investors to ruin with a certain degree of regularity:

“This time everything is different”. At the end of the video, he comes to the conclusion: It’s no different this time.

Anyone who wants to trade the crypto market successfully must first develop a mental resistance to everyday noise and continuously work on their skills.

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