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Self-love: This is how Anne Hathaway found herself

Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway, who became world famous with films such as ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and ‘Suddenly Princess’, is 36 years old enough to stop being told how to live.

Diet: moving away from purely vegan cuisine

Until a few years ago, Anne Hathaway was a vegan. But as the actress admits today, she felt neither particularly well nor really healthy, which she became increasingly aware of during the filming of ‘Interstellar’.

The turning point came for her at a meal in Iceland with her husband Adam Shulman and fellow actor Matt Damon. When everyone ordered fish, so did she.

“I ordered salmon and my brain felt like a computer that was restarting,” she enthused in the ‘Tatler’ interview. She felt her strength return and has been eating fish and meat ever since.

Anne Hathaway wants to be strong instead of thin

“I used to think that being thin was the ultimate goal, but I have to be strong for my job,” Anne Hathaway told Harper’s Bazaar.

That’s why she relies on strength training and lifts weights, and she also loves stunt workouts.

She also changed her point of view. Fatshaming does not pull with her: When she had to gain weight for a role, she took the wind out of the sails via Instagram for all those who had comments on alleged obesity or a possible pregnancy on the tongue.

“I’m gaining weight for a film role and it’s going well,” she posted. “To everyone who comes with Fatshaming in the next few months, it’s not my problem, it’s yours.”

Body Positivity: Everything is good as it is

The filming of ‘Ocean’s 8’ started shortly after the birth of their son. The all-female ensemble helped Anne Hathaway embrace her body for what it is.

“I came to the set, weighed a little more and I was painfully aware of that … I was wearing jeans, had made an effort and was determined to love myself,” she recalled in an interview with ‘’.

“Sandra Bullock looked up and said, ‘You look good, Mom’. And Cate Blanchett said, ‘Cool jeans, Hathaway’. And then Rihanna looked at me and said, ‘Damn, girl, you have an a * sh!’ It was so nice to be surrounded by so much love and understanding, just great. “

Not only Anne Hathaway needs so much tailwind – it is also good for us mere mortals!

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