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Saorise Ronan on her birthday sex scene with Kate Winslet

At the age of just 26, Saoirse Ronan has achieved almost anything in Hollywood. Outstanding reviews, blockbuster successes and four Oscar nominations: the actress is shaped by success. One looks in vain for her star-like airs. At the beginning of the Zoom interview, Ronan introduces himself politely, although everyone has long known who she is. Maybe so that everyone knows how to pronounce their Irish name («Ser-sha»). In an interview with BLICK, the Hollywood star explains why “Ammonite” was a dream come true for her.

For “Ammonite” you had to go through a lot, such as a swim in the ice-cold sea in winter. Did that take a lot of effort?
Ronan: Actually, I really like cold water. I grew up next to a river where I also learned to swim. So cold water attracts me. It’s also the perfect remedy for a hangover, by the way. The sea on the English coast was shockingly cold, and without a wetsuit even I couldn’t have done it. But I like it when I have to overcome myself for a role, so I look forward to scenes like this.



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