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Rote Raben Vilsbiburg: US girl Lindsay Flory feels right at home in Germany – volleyball

Last year she took the next step in her career and went to SC Potsdam, with whom she reached the DVV Cup final and the playoff semifinals in the Bundesliga, with the Brandenburgers eliminating the Rote Raben in both competitions in the quarterfinals. Flory can still remember these success stories after hard-fought duels – and hopes to be able to do the same with her new club in the coming season: “I think we are a really good team that can achieve a lot.”

Flory describes himself as a “spontaneous person”

In her private life, the new Vilsbiburger describes herself as someone “who loves to travel” and as a “quite spontaneous person”. So it is more or less logical that she has not yet given any deep thought to what could come after her career as a professional athlete: “Maybe I will stay in the world of volleyball and, for example, work as a player’s advisor, but to be honest, I am not the type who plans long into the future. “

All the more, Flory – who was born in Lexington / Kentucky, the same city as Hollywood star George Clooney – will do everything possible to do as successfully as possible with her teammates in the upcoming 2021/22 season in the RabenNest.

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