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Ouch! What did Joe Manganiello do to his hair?

What’s going on on Joe Manganiello’s (43) head? Just a few months ago, the actor surprised his fans with a visual change. You actually know it Magic Mike-Star with a long, mottled gray beard. Sofia Vergara’s husband (48) shaved it off and looked completely different. Now he dared another transformation that has it all: Joe wears his hair pretty short and blonde!

on Instagram Sarah Hyland (29) posted a snapshot of a small modern family reunion, on which the hottie can also be seen – but he is hardly recognizable! A mask hides half his face, but his hairstyle in particular catches the eye immediately: Joe wears a mohawk, with raspy short sides and his hair is not black, as usual, but light blond.

The community almost overlooked the 43-year-old on the recording: “I have Joe not noticed at all “, wrote one user. Another asked himself: “Who is that on the left?” How do you like Joes Makeover? Vote in the poll below!

Joe Manganiello, Sofia Vergara, Jesse Tyler, Sarah Hyland and Julie Bowen
Joe Manganiello in October 2019
The actor Joe Manganiello



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