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Organization around Leonardo DiCaprio provides 43 million dollars for the Galápagos Islands

Restoration of the wilderness
Protection of the Galápagos Islands: Organization led by Leonardo DiCaprio provides 43 million dollars

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Leonardo DiCaprio has been committed to environmental and climate protection for years (symbol image)

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Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been committed to environmental and climate protection for years. Now he wants to save the ecosystem of the Galápagos Islands together with some environmental protection organizations and $ 43 million.

“We don’t have to reinvent the planet, we have to let it go wild again” – that is the core message of Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest environmental protection project, which he presented on Monday on his Instagram page and Twitter account.

The goal of the project: to protect all Galápagos Islands and their ecosystems, to revive them and to restore them to their original wild state – all in harmony with the people who are at home there. Together with the environmental protection organization Re: wild, founded this year, of which DiCaprio is a founding board member, as well as the Galápagos National Park Directorate, the Island Conservation organization and local communities, comprehensive nature conservation measures are to be carried out on the 130 islands of the Pacific archipelago. The starting sum of the project is $ 43 million.

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DiCaprio wants to save the “most irreplaceable place on this planet”

As DiCaprio writes in his Instagram post, the project is about nothing less than “saving one of the most irreplaceable places on this planet”. The ecosystem of the Galápagos Islands is unique in the world, numerous species can only be found in this Ecuadorian archipelago. When introducing the project, the actor offered the wildlife veterinarian and specialist in restoring the island, Paula Castaño, a special platform: on Monday she took over both his Twitter and Instagram accounts and provided information about the project. Castaño has been working on the islands for seven years, plays a central role in the planned implementation of the protective measures and is convinced that ecosystems can be successfully revitalized if humans coexist with nature instead of dominating it. Speaking on the Island Conservation site, Castaño warns: “Time is running out for so many species, especially on islands where their small populations are endangered and threatened. The pink iguanas of Galápagos, the mockingbirds of Floreana and other wildlife could soon be without action be lost forever. We know how to prevent this extinction and restore functioning and thriving ecosystems – we did it – but we have to repeat these successes, innovate and expand. “

Castaño is referring to the successful reintroduction project of Pinzòn giant tortoises: After invasive rodents were removed from the national park of the 12th largest Galápagos island of Pinzón in 2012, turtle babies were spotted again for the first time two years later not wait five years or 20 or 50 years. These are immediate results. We will see how all these efforts pay off, not only in the Galápagos Islands but also in other archipelagos in Latin America, “added Castaño in an interview the “Guardian” added.

A model project

The announced $ 43 million will also be invested in similar measures: These include breeding programs for endangered species such as the pink iguana, the protection of the more than 3,000 marine creatures that live in the Pacific waters around the islands, but also reintroduction of 13 locally extinct species such as the Floreana giant tortoise and the Floreana mockingbird – the first mockingbird species described by Charles Darwin.

On the side of Island Conservation, Ecuador’s Minister for Environment and Water, Marcelo Mata Guerrero, emphasizes the pioneering and exemplary character of his country in this project: “With Ecuador, as one of the 17 most biodiverse countries in the world, we have the opportunity to demonstrate what a truly effective model for protecting and restoring our common wildlife and wild landscapes looks like – our planet’s immune system that protects all life on earth, including humans, from the effects of climate change and emerging diseases. “

Eckart von Hirschhausen in conversation with Dirk Steffens

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio also looks hopefully into the future in his Instagram post. He writes: “The environmental heroes the planet needs are already here. Now we must all face the challenge and join them.” The actor himself has been intensely committed to environmental and climate protection for many years. He has already made more than 100 million dollars available for a large number of projects and programs. In addition to his work for the newly founded organization Re: wild, DiCaprio is also part of the board of directors of the Natural Resources Defense Council, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Earth Alliance, where he is co-chair. In 2014 he was named United Nations Ambassador for Peace for his longstanding commitment to environmental activism.

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