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Nine Perfect Strangers: The new Amazon series takes place in an eerie paradise

The film set of the Amazon series Nine Perfect Strangers awaits with impressive architecture.

Imagine a place called “Tranquillum House”, a “house of calm”. Whatever appears in your mind’s eye is probably not too far from that idyllic retreat that Colin Gibson and Glen W. Johnson, set designers of Nine Perfect Strangers, and her team created for the new series, which first aired on August 18.

The eight-part series is based on the book of the same name by Liane Moriarty, from which also Big Little Lies originates. The main role, Masha, went to Nicole Kidman. Masha is the somewhat eerie manager of a very special wellness center that has nine guests – played by Bobby Cannavale, Melissa McCarthy, Luke Evans, Melvin Gregg, Samara Weaving, Regina Hall, Asher Keddie, Michael Shannon and Grace Van Patten – for ten days spend hoping to heal their trauma and become a better version of themselves.

Nine Perfect Strangers is currently available from Amazon Prime. The series was filmed in Australia on two locations in Byron Bay.

Photo: Vince Valitutti

Nine Perfect Strangers: Nicole Kidman in the role of the mysterious Masha

For breakfast, each guest is served a smoothie tailored to their needs, the participants are asked to switch off all electronic devices and do all sorts of weird things – like digging their own grave or looking for food themselves. Everyone longs for a face-to-face meeting with Masha, although some wonder whether she really is the ultimate wisdom. As it turns out, everyone was personally chosen to stay by Masha. The whole thing takes place in the middle of the lush vegetation and fig trees of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia, in buildings made of concrete and glass, loosened up by wooden details. Everything is exactly how an aficionado of modern architecture would want a wellness retreat, and fate has willed it.

The Amazon series was filmed in Australia

Originally, the series was to be shot in and around Los Angeles, and they were looking for existing wellness retreats in Big Sur for outdoor shots and studio rooms for indoor filming. Many of the resorts the team looked at had the “1960s and 1970s look,” says Gibson, which wouldn’t have fitted so well with Masha’s modern philosophy. Eventually, the coronavirus pandemic forced production to relocate to Australia, and by the time Gibson came on board, the team had already discovered a newly built wellness resort called Soma inland, which would become one of the two filming locations for the Tranquillum House .



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