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New Prince of Bel-Air: Successor to Will Smith found!

To have something Will Smith and Jabari Banks in addition to the same title role, they both come from West Philadelphia, like their character in the series. So Banks is following in Smith’s sitcom footsteps in the reboot of The Prince of Bel-Air from Peacock, that I Bel-Air is called.

So the most important star is cast for The Prince of Bel-Air, Peacock ordered two seasons of the reboot. Now it will be interesting to see who will slip into the roles of the family around the “prince”. A new generation is sure to be interested in a modern reimagining and more drama than sitcom, the honorable author just can’t imagine watching the series that made Smith famous again with a new face.

How do you feel about that? Peacock should be with Sky soon to be integrated, in this way should be Bel-Air can then also be seen in Germany. There is still a long time to go before the start, and there is still no exact date for Morgan Cooper’s reboot for 2022. Cooper co-writes alongside TJ Brady and Rasheed Newson, who are also on board as showrunners.

Here is the video in which Will Smith congratulates his successor:

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