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New colleagues and old friends for Sly Stallone


August 31, 2021 – 12:48 pm clock

New stars

Action fans had to wait a long time for the official go for the announced fourth part of the warhorse series “The Expendables”. Then Sylvester Stallone (75) indicated via Instagram that the shooting of a new film about the mercenary troops was planned for October 2021. And now, according to “The Hollywood Reporter”, the production company Lionsgate has announced the official cast for the first “Expendables” part after a seven-year hiatus.

Mix of new and established actors

The cast list for “Expendables 4” reads as a good mix of old and new stars. In addition to Mastermind Stallone, Jason Statham (54), Dolph Lundgren (63) and Randy Couture (58) are among the proven expendables. All four have been featured in all parts of the action saga since 2010.

New to the new film are the actor and rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (46), “Transformer” star Megan Fox (35) and the Thai martial arts actor Tony Jaa (45, “Ong-Bak”). Ex-stuntman Scott Waugh (51), who already staged the video game adaptation “Need for Speed”, is directing it.

Sequel or spin-off?

It is not yet clear whether the new “Expendables” film will be a sequel (an official part 4) or an offshoot. Stallone recently wrote on Instagram about a spin-off with the subtitle “A Christmas Story”. That could suggest that in the film, Statham’s character Lee Christmas might be the center of attention. Lionsgate does not further categorize the film.

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