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Movies | Order of all films with the X-Men Logan ·

James “Logan” Howlett aka “Wolverine” is the most famous mutant in the X-Men universe. Here you can see the list of all Wolverine films from the first X-Men film to the grandiose finale of the mutant in “Logan – the Wolverine”.

A not inconsiderable part of the success of the X-Men films is due to the then perfect cast of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Here is an overview of all Wolverine films:

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All Wolverine films in chronological order by release date

X-Men – The Movie

A good first impression is worth its weight in gold: Hugh Jackman’s debut as James “Logan” Howlett aka Wolverine | X-Men – The Movie © 20th Century Studios

It all started with “X-Men – The Movie”: Hugh Jackman played the vagabond Logan for the first time, who was to become his greatest role. The amnesiac loner reluctantly helps the X-Men prevent Magneto’s plan to trigger the mutant gene throughout the UN General Assembly to force them on his side.

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X-Men 2

Here he became a weapon: Logan at the site of the operation that earned him the adamantium skeleton | X-Men 2 © 20th Century Studios

In “X-Men 2” Wolverine is already part of Charles Xavier’s team and, with the help of the professor, learns a lot about his forgotten past. In order to prevent the annihilation of all mutants and then of all people – thank Magneto – he faces his tormentor and archenemy William Stryker.

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Magneto and Professor X have been replaced by younger actors: in ours Video we will tell you which stars have also been exchanged: News – The Batman should be a horror film?

X-Men: The last stand

I stay the way I am and finish smoking – Wolverine doesn’t take virtual combat simulation very seriously. | X-Men: The Last Stand © 20th Century Studios

“X-Men: The Last Resistance” should end the then planned X-Men trilogy worthy, which in the eyes of the fans did not work at all. The most important of the many rather confused storylines revolved around a serum that can “heal” mutants of their otherness, and the birth of the overpowering Dark Phoenix, who, thanks to Professor X, had slumbered in the unsuspecting Jean Gray. Only Logan can keep his love from destroying the X-Men.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The (jail) brothers Victor and James get a visit and an offer that they would rather have turned down. | X-Men Origins Wolverine © 20th Century Studios

The plot of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is largely ignored by the rest of the Wolverine films – Logan’s Origin story was a financial and artistic flop. The film shows Wolverine’s life from his traumatic childhood to the final clash with his half-brother Victor “Sabretooth” Creed.

X-Men: First decision

“Go on, fuck off again.” | X-Men First Decision © 20th Century Studios

In “X-Men: First Decision”, Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) begin to track down mutants in order to win them over to the X-Men. A cigar-smoking drinker at the bar, however, harshly rejects the two and creates a real cameo pearl with his flush appearance.

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Wolverine: The way of the warrior

“I saw you die.” Yukio tells Logan about her vision. | Wolverine – Way of the Warrior © 20th Century Studios

During the Second World War Logan was also a prisoner of war in Japan, where he protected the enemy soldier Yashida from the explosion of the atomic bomb with his own body. In “Wolverine – Way of the Warrior”, Yashida asks him decades later to pass on Logan’s powers – this is how Logan should finally find peace and Yashida be saved from certain death. But Wolverine doesn’t buy it from him.

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X-Men: The future is the past

In the seventies, claws were still worn naturally. | X-Men: First Choice © 20th Century Studios

The time-traveling plot of “X-Men: Future is Past” allowed the old generation of X-Men actors a brilliant farewell to the franchise and brought Wolverine’s role to the fore: about the future sure destruction of the mutated by the murderous ones Preventing Sentinel robots moves Logan’s mind back to his old self in the ’70s. In the past, he should mobilize the scattered X-Men to change history together.

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X-Men: Apocalypse

Jean Gray helps the confused Wolverine remember. | X-Men: Apocalypse © 20th Century Studios

“X-Men: Apocalypse” contained only a small cameo from Wolverine. When the young X-Men Jean Gray, Nightcrawler and Cyclops liberate their friends from William Stryker’s military facility, they encounter a Logan who has been reduced almost exclusively to animal instincts immediately after the procedure that should make him “Weapon X”. Jean uses her telepathic skills to bring some of his memories to Wolverine’s mind before fleeing into the snowy landscape.

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Logan – The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman’s grandiose farewell to his greatest role. | Logan – The Wolverine © 20th Century Studios

“Logan – The Wolverine” is the most mature superhero film ever. The aged Logan fights together with the seriously ill Charles Xavier one last time for the future of the almost exterminated mutant.

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How well do you know about the “X-Men” films? Only true fans manage 10/12

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