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Mark Wahlberg: Great transformation – it doesn’t look like that anymore

The Hollywood star has mutated from a well-trained muscular man to a pug in a very short time. But lack of exercise due to the corona lockdown is not the reason for his sizable space.

Spectacular before-and-after pictures always have their special charm and this is exactly what the US actor has now shocked his numerous followers on Instagram. In the pictures, the 49-year-old shows how he has just put on ten extra pounds – and it shouldn’t stop there.

The reason for his intentional obesity is of course a new film role, as he revealed on Jimmy Kimmel’s US talk show in April: In “Father Stu” he plays a boxer who becomes a priest. For this he wants to gain a whopping 15 kilos in six weeks. Apparently no problem at all for the former model.

Mark Wahlberg: I ​​want pancakes!

Wahlberg proudly reports on Instagram that he only weighs 10 kilos more after three weeks. No wonder, after all, for the scenes in which he plays the well-trained boxer, he had to stick to a strict diet and exercise a lot. Now he can let himself go and just wants to “eat whatever is in sight. I want to go to bakeries, I want pancakes! I want to eat everything I can get my hands on!”

This star is also a bit out of shape, but takes it with humor 😉



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