Fantastic Four MCU

The upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four has a director. Kevin Feige announced at Disney’s investor presentation that Jon Watts will direct the film. Watts is far from unknown in the world of Marvel. The director was already responsible for the two Spider-Man films with Tom Holland and is currently working on the so far untitled third part.

With Fantastic Four the first Marvel heroes celebrate their premiere in the MCU, whose rights were previously with 20th Century Fox. The studio produced a total of two incarnations for the big screen, with the last film in particular provoking very modest reactions. With the purchase of Fox by Disney, Marvel Studios can now access the characters again, so the Fantastic Four will soon make their debut in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Another piece of news during the investor presentation was Christian Bale’s official confirmation for Thor: Love & Thunder. While the participation of the actor has been making the rounds for a long time, there have been uncertainties about the role of the actor. These have now been cleared. Kevin Feige revealed that Bale would appear in the film as Gorr the God Butcher. The theatrical release of Thor: Love & Thunder is announced for February 10, 2022.

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