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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: War of divorce: 7 million has to be disclosed

The actors Johnny Depp (58) and Amber Heard (35) separated in 2016 after a marriage that lasted little more than a year. But the drama about the two was far from over, the war of the roses continues. Both raise serious allegations in court and accused each other of lying. Johnny Depp could now claim a small win. As the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reports, his ex has to disclose payments that have to do with the money that she was awarded after the divorce and that she wanted to donate.

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Did Amber Heard Really Donate the 7 Million?

In 2017, the divorce between the two actors became final. Amber Heard then promised to donate the seven million US dollars that had been awarded to her to charitable organizations. 3.5 million should go to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles and the other 3.5 million to the ACLU, a civil rights organization. Her ex-husband’s lawyers do not believe the actress that she kept her promise and have therefore been trying for a year to find out where exactly the seven million went. Now there was help from a court: It ordered the ACLU to produce documents confirming Amber Heard’s payments to the organization.

Only $ 100,000 went to the Children’s Hospital

In January, the Daily Mail had already published documents that support Johnny Depp’s theory. Apparently they show that Amber Heard has only donated $ 100,000 to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles so far. A measly sum compared to the promised $ 3.5 million. Still, the 35-year-old testified on February 26, 2020: “I remained financially independent from Johnny Depp throughout my relationship and donated the entire sum of my divorce settlement to charity.” This statement, in turn, became relevant in the Johnny Depp trial against the British tabloid “The Sun”. The paper previously titled Johnny Depp as a “wife thug”, the actor took action against it. The judge in charge then ruled in favor of the tabloid and testified about Amber Heard: “Your million dollar donation can hardly be associated with someone who is only after the money.” Even then, those seven million played an important role, it was said at the time that the actress had not lied. She wants to donate the money over the course of “over ten years”.

Johnny Depp’s reaction to the verdict

So now we take another look at how much money went to whom and when. Johnny Depp’s attorney Benjamin Chew told USA Today about the current development: “Mr. Depp is extremely pleased with the court’s decision.” In any case, disclosing the payments could jeopardize the credibility of Amber Heard’s statements. As a result, Johnny Depp could possibly reopen the case against “The Sun”.

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